Weekly Photo Challenge: Together


My son and my daughter are always together. Though sometime they fight till one or both cry, when they are separated each other must ask where is another. I hope they will be always kind and fine.

Love you all, kids!


4 tanggapan untuk “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together”

    1. Trims like-nya @fiaz @bu ely juga @chucky … 😀

      Bu Ely, lama tak jumpa ternyata ibu sakit ya. Semoga cepat pulih 🙂
      Yes, they are … and alhamdulillah so far so good for me. Wish you luck to, Bu.

      1. mama mertuaku yg sakit, aku yg merawat beliau, mohon doanya ya biar beliau lekas sehat kembali, trims byk 🙂

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